Are you new to PureScript? The best place to go is the Getting Started guide, a step-by-step primer to setting up and using PureScript.


Precompiled binaries are available for OSX, Linux, and Windows from the latest release page on GitHub.


PureScript is available on most platforms via npm

npm install -g purescript


PureScript is available on OS X via Homebrew

brew install purescript


GHC 7.10.1 or newer is required to compile from source. The easiest way is to use Stack.

Update the Hackage package index:

stack update

Download the latest source distribution and place it into a new directory in the current directory:

stack unpack purescript

Compile and install PureScript:

cd purescript-x.y.z   # (replace x.y.z with whichever version you just downloaded)
stack install

This will copy the compiler and utilities into ~/.local/bin.

If you don't have Stack installed, there are install instructions here.

You can also install a specific version by specifying it in the stack unpack step. For example, to install 0.10.3, use:

  stack unpack purescript-0.10.3


The recommended build tool for beginners is Pulp, which can be installed using NPM:

npm install -g pulp

Alternatives such as gulp-purescript exist for more advanced configurations.

The PureScript documentation repository has a list of available editor plugins.